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Afraid of the Storm?


Did you know that massage therapy can help fearful dogs adjust to loud noises?

Calming massage techniques plus the use of aromatherapy will put your dog at ease. With regular treatments noises and distractions can be introduced slowly in a controlled environment. This will help condition the dog to remain calm when loud noises, such as thunder or those pesky fireworks, occur. It may take some time but it’s well worth it for the mental and overall health of the dog. Remember, the mind and body are connected!

Love, Patience, and Healing Touch!!!!

Here are some great before/after pics.

This is a totally scared Bailey hiding in the crate after we brought her home.


A week and a half (and regular massage treatments) later look how much better she’s doing!


I started gaining her trust with a very light touch. Every muscle in her body was tense and in knots. I began working very slowly, mostly on her neck and shoulders. I think that as she realized I could help with the pain from years of anxiety she decided she’d be willing to let me touch her hips and back legs.

I hope to work with more rescue dogs like Bailey so that they are more likely to transition well into foster and forever homes!

Ace’s Story

This business was founded to help dogs like Ace (seen here taking a cool dip in the river). About the time Ace turned a year old he was diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease in his knee, or stifle, and probably has some Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) as well. He can’t handle aggressive surgeries, even if I could afford it, because he has problems with not just one, but both knees.

I had noticed him having trouble sitting and favoring his back end for a while. Then one day he got so bad that he fell trying to get up the three steps leading to our back door. I rushed him to the vet the same day.

We’ve been treating him with supplements and carefully regulating his diet and exercise. As a former Clinical Manual/Medical Massage Therapist I also knew how beneficial massage would be for his chronic pain. I began to research and started a certification program for Canine Massage Therapy. Ace responds wonderfully to massage! He is treated regularly as a part of my certification practice and to help his legs. He now “asks” for his treatment if I haven’t worked on him in a day or two and he’s quite insistent!

Ace is now somewhat of a mascot for Well-Pup. He’s living proof of the effectiveness of massage and alternative therapies!