New Service!!! Aromatherapy coming soon!

Why offer aromatherapy?
I’ve always thought essentials oils smelled good and had a calming effect. As I researched a little more, I found that essential oils can help purify the air.
In a home with four dogs and two kids with asthma the air quality and smell is something I have to keep control of! They really have an unlimited amount of health benefits. I’m not a fan of using any more toxic chemicals than I have to so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been experimenting with oils for everything from preventing pet odors to allergy relief and even weight loss!
So we know essential oils can be good for our health, but why use them at Well-Pup? Aromatherapy is also great for dogs! Natural plant based medicine is a great addition to canine massage and Well-Pup’s mission of optimizing your pup’s wellness potential.
I use essential oils to help my dogs with skin conditions, allergies, separation anxiety, nervousness, and much more.
Here’s a tip to get you started… try putting a few drops of eucalyptus, geranuim, or even grapefruit oil on a cotton ball. Add it to your vacuum bag. Vacuum the floor. Notice the fresh scent and lack of pet odor?
How many of you would consider  the use of essential oils for your dogs?
Have you used them already?
What was your experience?
Please share in the comments and ask about aromatherapy with your next appointment!

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