Ace’s Story

This business was founded to help dogs like Ace (seen here taking a cool dip in the river). About the time Ace turned a year old he was diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease in his knee, or stifle, and probably has some Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD) as well. He can’t handle aggressive surgeries, even if I could afford it, because he has problems with not just one, but both knees.

I had noticed him having trouble sitting and favoring his back end for a while. Then one day he got so bad that he fell trying to get up the three steps leading to our back door. I rushed him to the vet the same day.

We’ve been treating him with supplements and carefully regulating his diet and exercise. As a former Clinical Manual/Medical Massage Therapist I also knew how beneficial massage would be for his chronic pain. I began to research and started a certification program for Canine Massage Therapy. Ace responds wonderfully to massage! He is treated regularly as a part of my certification practice and to help his legs. He now “asks” for his treatment if I haven’t worked on him in a day or two and he’s quite insistent!

Ace is now somewhat of a mascot for Well-Pup. He’s living proof of the effectiveness of massage and alternative therapies!


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